Easy Cardamom Mint Iced Tea Recipe

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cardamom mint iced tea

In today’s post, I will show you how to make the perfect cardamom mint iced tea recipe. This is one of the most popular thirst-quenching summer drinks around here. And with its popularity recently increasing, you are bound to find someone making it at almost every party or get-together soon.

Below, we’re gonna talk about some cool tips and tricks to whip up the perfect iced tea right in your own kitchen, super quick and easy.

But first.

Why We Love This Cardamom Mint Iced Tea

When we think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is iced tea, at least my mind does that. At my place, currently the weather is very, very hot during summers, but the coolness and refreshing taste of a homemade iced tea makes everybody at home forget about the scorching heat outside.

Whenever it’s a hot afternoon or evening, you don’t even need an excuse to have a glass of iced mint tea.

Iced teas are so much more than just an occasional drink — they’re an essential part of the hot summers for everyone I know! If you are either an American, European or you’re like some of my Indian friends you’ll surely love making these iced teas. They make everything from curries and chapatis to salads and pakoras taste better and effectively puts the fire in your mouth and the heat down. In Asia they’re especially popular during weddings and other parties where guests can mingle while sipping their icy cold drinks.

Iced tea is the simplest thing in the world to make, whether you make it on the porch in the sunshine or on the stovetop and add as many ice cubes as the pitcher will hold. No matter how you make it, it’s one of those simple, very good things.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy iced tea, whether you boil a few bags of Lipton on the stovetop and shove in as many ice cubes as a pitcher will hold or make a glass of it with fresh mint and vanilla syrup. While my parents were busy in the garden or yardwork or house repairs, I would pick beans. Some days I would be called to scrub the porch or water the plants or wash the windows.

How To Make Your Own Homemade Cardamom Mint Iced Tea

There are many ways to make iced tea. However, for the perfect drink, you need to follow certain steps. The first one is to decide the type of tea you want to make. For example, you can make strong black iced tea, iced green tea, or iced oolong tea. Then, you need to find the perfect glass to serve your drink. A tea cup with a long handle is preferable. You can also use a glass pitcher or a glass tea pot.

The next thing you need to do is to get the ingredients. A perfect iced tea recipe will require a bag or two of mint leaves, a cup of sugar, and some bags of cardamom. You can also add a few slices of lemon or raspberry to add flavor to your perfect iced tea.

What You’ll Need

Cardamom. This herb is widely used in Indian, North African, and Eastern European cuisines. It is also widely grown in countries like Madagascar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. When you want to make mint iced tea recipe, you will need cardamom. The best way to buy cardamom is as a thin, pale-yellow strip.

Fresh Mint Leaves. Since you are making iced tea, you can use any type of mint, but hibiscus or spearmint works the best. You can also use a combination of any two of these three types.

small amount of  sugar or even better honey to sweeten the tea.

Water (preferably filtered)

Ice cubes. You can also use crushed ice. However you should make sure that the crushed ice you use is not too coarse and not too fine. The perfect crushed ice should be in between these two sizes. And if you want to make a strong iced tea, then you should choose coarse crushed ice.

– Few slices of lemon or lime

– a glass bottle for the perfect presentation for your awesome iced tea recipe.

– a Spoon or something similar to mix up the ingredients

Steps To Make Cardamom Mint Iced Tea At Home

Below are the easy step-by-step instructions on how to make cardamom mint iced tea.

– Make sure to wash the mint leaves and remove any stems before using them in the recipe.

– add the mint leaves, sugar, and cardamom to the bottle.

– Add enough water to the bottle so that the ingredients are submerged.

– Finally, add ice cubes and twist the bottle to seal the lid.

– Now pour the tea into the glasses and serve it ice cold.

5 Tips and tricks for the perfect iced tea

– Always use fresh ingredients for the perfect iced tea recipe. Every day-old ingredients will taste stale and off. – Always make sure that the water you use for the recipe is cold and fresh. Do not heat it or else the flavours will become dull and stale. Additionally, make sure that the water you are using is UNFILTERED and from the DISH WELL.

– Use crushed ice for the perfect iced tea recipe. While using unfrozen ice cubes can give the drink some texture, crushed ice will give the perfect taste and flavour.

– When pouring the perfect iced tea, make sure that the leaves are visible. And always pour the drink from the bottle with the twist-lock. – Put your perfect iced tea in the fridge when it is ready and serve it when it is cold.

cardamom mint iced tea

Easy Cardamom Mint Iced Tea Recipe

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  • ½ c. water
  • 2 heaping Tbsp. raw honey
  • 1 tsp. powdered cardamom
  • handful of fresh mint
  • 3 bags organic oolong tea or your favorite black variety


  • I made my tea in an infuser-style pitcher out on the porch in the sun, but you can make yours however you prefer.
  • This is the first step: make the tea.
  • While the tea is cooling, heat the water in a small saucepan until boiling.
  • Lower the heat and dissolve the heaping spoonfuls of honey in the hot water. Stir in mint and cardamom and cover to steep.
  • To make the sweet iced tea, mix together 1-2 Tbsp. of simple syrup with a glass of tea, fill with ice, and garnish with lemon slices and another stem of mint.
  • Enjoy on a porch somewhere. If it’s painted red I hope you’ll think of me and laugh.

There you go…It’s all about simplicity, isn’t it? Nothing beats having an easy, icy cold refreshing tea you just made your self in the hot summer days :-).


sweet cardamom mint iced tea recipe


If you love iced tea or prefer making it at home, then you will love this recipe. It is simple to make and also very easy to clean up. The recipe is very versatile as well. You can use any type of mint leaves and lemon slices or even it’s scary looking cousin the Buddha’s hand citron fruit to make it even more delicious. You can also brew the perfect iced tea recipe in a single-serve pitcher so that you can easily make it for parties or gatherings.

Moreover, the recipe is healthy as well and will help you stay hydrated throughout the summer months. It goes perfectly well with homemade trailmix cookies or dulce de leche shortbread cake (Millionaire bars), make sure to try it out!

So, next time you feel thirsty, make the perfect cardamom mint sweet iced tea recipe at home to quench your thirst and stay healthy at the same time.

Here’s wishing you a happy and simple Memorial Day weekend. Fill it with sun, good ice cold drinks, and memory-making time with your friends and family.

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